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You’ll find all the latest information regarding the current sale of the existing shell companies.

Valid for every ready-made company/shell company on offer here:

  • Contractual freedom of debt or encumbrance guarantee
  • Settlement possible within a matter of hours
  • Discretion and Trust
  • Market conformity and fair prices

You will receive the following documentation for every ready-made company/shell company:

  • Share purchase contract with a freedom of debt or encumbrance guarantee
  • Share register / Share certificates
  • Debt registry records
  • Interim and/or transfer balance sheet
  • Statements and profit and loss accounts since company foundation
  • Auditor’s Certificate covering the period since company foundation (as far as this is applicable)
  • Tax declarations since company foundation
  • Tax disposal since company foundation
  • Business documentation relevant to the period since company foundation (subject to statutory retention requirements)
  • Board of directors’ letters of resignation

Official certifications of the following amendments are included in the purchase price:

  • Company name
  • Company purpose
  • Company location
  • Other corresponding official amendments

Current Ready-made Company / Shell Company offers

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